Travel Water Purifier

Traveller Portable Water Purifier
Traveller Portable Water Purifier

The Traveller Portable Water Purifier guarantees your drinking water safety when you travel.

Turns any tap into a water purifier- easily fitted to all taps!

The Traveller portable water purifier lets you take clean water with you on your travels.

For everyday use in caravans and when camping or in motels.

The traveller portable water purifier is also an excellent backup when local water supplies are under stress during floods etc.

The perfect portable travelling accessory for water safety peace of mind.

Traveller portable water purifier lets you filter any tap water, eliminating travel stomach bugs and cysts.

Remove Bacteria, Viruses, Giardia and Cryptosporidium Cysts.

This portable water purifier also eliminates Dirt, Sediment, Chemicals, Heavy Metals, Odours, and Bad Taste from your drinking & cooking water.


  • Low cost, high performance portable water purifier
  • Suits most mixer taps
  • Minimal pressure drop, unlike Reverse Osmosis systems, and no wasted water
  • Easy to install portable water purifier with connectors to mixer tap
  • Tidy & unobtrusive, ‘Traveller’ requires little space; ideal for caravans
  • Removes disease causing organisms, dirt, chemicals, heavy metals, bad taste & odours
  • No requirement for UV systems: no electricity
  • Provides healthy, great tasting water


  • This unique portable water purifier operates as a combo sediment, carbon & bacterial  filter
  •  Purifier Cartridge is NSF certified, and rated 0.2 micron
  • Filter cartridge is charge positive and rapidly absorbs particles no matter how small 
  • Filters tap water down to bacteria and virus
  • System rated up to 4 litres water/min.
  • Filter Replacement: replace annually

(Dirty tank, creek or dam water may require more frequent changes depending on water usage).

Heavy leaf tannin contamination is removed by the powerful Purifier filter, but significantly shortens cartridge life: not recommended – remove leaf source!


Easy Installation – See product page


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