The no frills tank water Super Purifier


Had a request from a customer:

“I’m on tank water without water filtration and really want to buy your whole house Super Purifier water filter to remove the bugs from my water ‘cos the birds are always crapping on the roof – but times are tough and I can’t afford it.  Could you make me a “cheaper” version, say without the case and filter gauges etc?”

So we listened…super purifier tank water filter

Announcing today the Super Purifier –“no frills” version of the Super Purifier Plus whole house tank water purifier for $699.

The $699 version still has 20” x 4.5” housings, the same 1 micron sediment polyspun pre-filter, and the sub micron Purifier Filter for removal of contaminants down to virus level, but comes with none of the protective case, brass elbows, filter indicator gauges,or brass/stainless ball valves of the Super Purifier Plus.    It is still however a combination water filter / water purifier, and is supplied fully assembled, fitted with a mounting bracket and contains the two essential filters,bonus pre-filter, plus  two x 1” PVC ball valves for water connection.


And, based upon the success of the whole house Super Purifier, for tank water filtration, we now also offer kitchen versions for bench top, under sink, and portable (caravans, boats and travelers) use.  See Super Purifier water filter (‘Simple Fit’ Bench / Under Sink models) on

No Bacteria, No viruses, No Giardia or Cryptosporidium Cysts.

Removes Dirt, Sediment, Chemicals, Heavy Metals, Odours and Bad Taste.

“The Super Purifier Water Filter is the ultimate combination water filter/water purifier for safer household water…protecting your family from waterborne disease and toxins each and every day”


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