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Traveller Portable Water Purifier

Travel Water Purifier

The Traveller Portable Water Purifier guarantees your drinking water safety when you travel. Turns any tap into a water purifier- easily fitted to all taps! The Traveller portable water purifier lets you take clean water with you on your travels. For everyday use in caravans and when camping or in motels. The traveller portable water

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New Product for Tank Water….

“TANKSTER” floating intake filter for Tank Water  GO TO PRODUCT PAGE “cleans up tank water“   When it rains, your roof catchment is washed clean of dust and dirt which enters your water tank with the rainwater, and settles on the tank bottom by gravity.  This roof debris may contain faecal contamination from birds, bats, rodents

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super purifier filters

The Super Purifier purifier filter

The SCIENCE behind the new Purifier Filter and HOW IT Works GO TO PRODUCT PAGE for kitchen purifier GO TO PRODUCT PAGE for whole house purifier The Super Purifier purifier filter is a totally new category of water filter.  This new technology is based upon a charge positive depth filter comprising super small fibres ( “nanofibres”). Each filter fibre is only 2

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Protect your family

SaferWater Tank Water Tips #2

SaferWater Tank Water Tips #2: Make it easy on your tank water filtration system. Have you had a real good look at what accumulates on the bottom of your rain water tank? Have you been brave enough to tell your wife and kids? Bottom Sludge: Even with the best management solids will still settle out

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