SaferWater Tank Water Tips #2

SaferWater Tank Water Tips #2: Make it easy on your tank water filtration system.

Have you had a real good look at what accumulates on the bottom of your rain water tank? Have you been brave enough to tell your wife and kids?

Bottom Sludge:

Even with the best management solids will still settle out and accumulate on the tank bottom.  In poorly managed water tanks, this often includes bird, bat and rodent faeces, dead insects and maybe bird, frog and toad bodies.

Check that your pump intake does not draw from this sludge area and you will extend the life of any tank water filters downstream of the pump, and the pump will thank you too!

Older tanks with a pump intake in the sludge zone can be retro-fitted with a piece of piping elbow inserted inside the tank to raise the intake point 250 – 350mm off the bottom, clear of the sludge.  Use two people for safety when carrying out this upgrade, and obviously it’s easier when tank levels are low!

These days a good water tank cleaner can vacuum remove sludge from tank bottoms with minimum loss of water.  This is a good annual practice -check your local tank cleaner bloke offers this service.

Again this approach will reduce the sediment / micro-bug load in your pumped tank water, and provide you with better quality water to filter, and longer water filter cartridge life.

But the bottom line is that unfortunately some bacterial contamination of our tank drinking water is unavoidable. The very nature of roof catchments, combined with the ubiquitous occurrence of potentially harmful bacteria, ensure micro-organism contamination of our tank water- even with the best catchment / tank maintenance possible. Some rain water tanks in fact provide a good environment for bacterial and algal multiplication as a consequence of their composition, age, or location.

To use tank water safely for drinking, cooking, washing, and showering, we always recommend the use of a complete tank water filtration system- one which offers bacterial control capability.

Protect your family's Health
Protect Your Family’s Health


Check out the new SaferWater (whole house) Super Filter Purifier, developed specifically for tank water users ….to give you safer water, protecting your family each and every day.

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