SaferWater Tank Water Tips #1

SaferWater Tank Water Tips #1: Make it easy on your tank water filtration system.

Basically its common sense, but we don’t always remember the factors responsible for poor quality tank water.

Roof Catchments:

First, check you are collecting rainwater from a safe roof catchment.  Avoid lead based paints, preservative wood treated surfaces, and bitumen based products on roofs used for drinking water collection.

Clear overhanging branches to reduce the possibility of leaves, pollen, and leaf tannins entering your tank water. Tree clearing will also remove potential roosting points for birds and bats, and access points for rodents, cats and possums, reducing a major source of bacterial contamination of tank water.

Keeping roof gutters clear of leaves and dirt also reduces the possibility of corrosion of metal guttering by rain which is naturally slightly acidic.

Windblown leaf contamination of tank water can be reduced by sensible use of leaf mesh on guttering, and water tank inlets and overflows can be screened to limit access by frogs, toads, snakes, birds and insects, including mosquitoes.

First Flush Devices:

These prevent the first portion of roof water run-off from entering your water tank, and will reduce the amount of dust, dirt, bird/bat droppings, leaves, pollen, dead insects etc. being washed into water storage. This is particularly applicable after a long dry period when the first welcome rain does a great job of cleaning the roof into water tanks, placing an abnormally high loading of bacterial dirt on tank water filters, if a first flush diversion isn’t fitted.

And yes, the kids add further contamination, and shouldn’t be swimming in the water storage tank on a hot day when mum and dad have gone to town!

With below ground water tanks, it is vital to prevent entry of surface run off from areas other than the roof catchment, to prevent ingress of stock faecal contaminants and associated harmful micro-organisms.

Flood events increase this possibility even further, and a tank water filtration system, with water purification capability, is a real necessity for safe household water.

Super Filter Purifier

Check out the new SaferWater (whole house) Super Filter Purifier, developed specifically for tank water users ….to give you safer water, protecting your family each and every day.


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