Safe CARAVAN drinking water anywhere on your road trip!

The Caravan Drinking Water Filter is the ultimate LOW COST water purifier for safe caravan drinking water on your road adventures!

It operates down to 0.1 micron, blocking all Giardia & Crypto, & removing Bacteria such as E. coli & Salmonella. The 1 micron Carbon pre filter removes water treatment chemicals (including chlorine & it’s by products), odours & bad taste, plus dirt & sediment.

Get safe caravan drinking water from any caravan tap with this Inline Caravan Water Filter!

Ultra Fine Hollow Fibre technology ensures the Caravan Drinking Water Filter delivers safe 0.1 micron filtered water, free from microbes, regardless of  the water source.

Caravan Drinking Water Filter removes Bacteria & Chlorine
Caravan Drinking Water Filter removes Bacteria & Water Treatment Chemicals

The 1 micron Carbon cartridge produces sweet tasting water, free from chlorine taints and off flavours. It also is a Sediment Pre Filter for the UF cartridge, removing dirt, rust, sediment, algae & sand down to 1 micron, thereby extending the 0.1 micron UF cartridge life.

Caravan Drinking Water Filter FEATURES:

  • Premium coconut Carbon Pre filter, 1 micron
  • Quality Hollow Fibre Ultra Fine Filtration to 0.1 microns
  • Removes water pathogens, Giardia & Crytosporidium, plus Bacteria for safe caravan drinking water
  • Removes water treatment chemicals (Chlorine, Chloramines & Trihalomethanes)
  • Both cartridges are Inline filters : no extra housing required
  • “Outside/In” Hollow Fibre filtration to maximize life of UF 0.1 micron cartridge
  • Water flow rates of around 5 litres/min
  • Supplied as Complete Kit: 1 x 1 micron Carbon inline pre filter cartridge, 1 x 0.1 micron UF inline cartridge,  2 x inline cartridge clamps, 2 x cartridge mounts, 1 x Water Stop Valve, 1 x 500mm x 12mm Potable Water Tubing with compatible quick connect 1/2″ fittings , 2 x 1/2″x 1/4″ connectors & thread tape

Filter replacement: 6-12 months.

Like all filters, Caravan Drinking Water Filter life is dependent on water quality (& quantity), used. It is a good idea to remove cartridges and store them in the fridge between road trips.

Because of variable water quality encountered by road travellers, a sediment/carbon pre filter is always recommended to maximise UF cartridge life.

Caravan Drinking Water Filter BENEFITS:

  • LOWEST COST caravan water purifier
  • Great tasting, safe caravan drinking water
  • No water treatment chemical smells or taste
  • Excellent water filtration removing even the finest particles down to 0.1 micron
  • Eliminates the need for costly Ultra Violet light systems
  • No water waste like Reverse Osmosis
  • Suits existing mixer tap
  • Easy to install under existing bench
  • Inexpensive cartridge replacement
  • Simple filter cartridge change out with Water Stop Valve supplied in kit
  • Provides germ free, sweet tasting, SAFE caravan drinking water anywhere you travel

Caravan Drinking Water Filter:


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