Remove CHLORINE with your Kitchen Tap

Remove Chlorine at your existing kitchen tap with our Low Cost Kitchen Water Filter.

Drink clean, great tasting water, free from water treatment chemicals.

The Low Cost Kitchen Water Filter connects directly to your existing mixer tap.

No need for a seperate “water filter tap” on the kitchen bench with this inline filter.

Installed conveniently under the sink, this kitchen water filter will remove Chlorine, Chloramines & Trihalomethanes from municipal water supplies.

Being a Carbon Filter it also removes Odours and Bad Taste from kitchen drinking & cooking water.

Additionally this Low Cost Kitchen Water Filter filters out any dirt & sediment down to 1 micron sizing.

Want to Remove Chlorine?

This Low Cost Kitchen Water Filter is ideally suited to families on town water who do not want the chlorine smell and taste ( plus possible health side effects), in their household water.


  • Low cost, high performance inline kitchen water filter
  • Suits existing kitchen mixer tap
  • No seperate filter housing or mount brackets required
  • Minimal pressure drop, unlike Reverse Osmosis systems
  • Low Cost Kitchen Water Filter is easy to install under bench with connectors for fitting to existing cold water line
  • Tidy & simple, the Low Cost Kitchen Water Filter requires little space
  •  Easy filter cartridge change out with Water Stop Valve supplied in kit
  • Remove chlorine/chlorine byproducts, poor taste, water smells, plus fine dirt particles 
  • Provides great tasting water


  • Inline carbon filter
    Remove Chlorine with Low Cost Kitchen Water Filter
    Remove Chlorine with Low Cost Kitchen Water Filter

    removes water treatment chemicals

  • Filters tap water down to 1.0 micron
  • Combines the actions of a sediment and carbon filter
  • Filter Replacement : cartridge life depends on water quality and quantity used. The Carbon cartridge will last up to 12 months for an average family use on town water.
  • Complete Low Cost Kitchen Water Filter Kit includes 1 micron Carbon inline cartridge, 1 x Water Stop Valve, 1 x 600 mm x 1/2″ Water Flex Hose , 3 x 1/2″ connectors & thread tape

Enjoy Chlorine Free Water with the very affordable Low Cost Kitchen Water Filter!



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