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  • Purifier Filter Cartridge, 0.2 micron Tank Water Super Purifier, 20″ x 4.5″

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    The Super Purifier filter cartridge is a unique charge positive sediment/carbon/bacterial filter, which removes particles no matter how small, even bacteria & viruses. This purifier filter cartridge is a new class of water filter with “nanofibre” (super small) filter media. When water passes through this charge positive  filter even virus level contaminants are attracted and removed from your water. No electricity or UV lamps are required to operate with this water purifier cartridge which captures bacteria & viruses as water passes through the filter media.. The Purifier does not reduce water flow rates, or waste water-unlike UF and RO water filtration systems. The Purifier Filter cartridge combines virus level  filtration with high efficiency chemical removal . Organic compounds causing water odours and bad taste, plus chemicals (eg.Chlorine & it's byproducts), are adsorbed by the filter's activated carbon. This really is the ultimate filter: the purifier filter cartridge also contains bio static silver which prevents the growth and reproduction of  bacteria on the filter media. ( Many filters will block over time due to a build up of bio film on the filter media, with the bio film resulting from bacterial colonization of the filter substrate.) The Purifier Filter cartridge is 20" BB sizing ( 20" x 4.5"), 0.2 micron efficiency, and certified to NSF/ANSI Std 53 for constituent material safety Wish to upgrade your 20" whole of house water filter to germ free? Our Purifier Filter Cartridge fits any standard 20" BB housing ( 20" x 4.5"), and will add microbial control ( Giardia , Cryptosporidium, bacteria & virus removal) to an existing Sediment/Carbon house filtration system. The 0.2 micron Purifier filter cartridge also contains activated carbon, performing the additional role of your existing Carbon filter. ( Because of the Purifier cartridge's efficiency at removing any small particulates, we recommend a 1 micron Sediment Pre Filter before the Purifier, this extends the cartridge's filtration life.)   https://saferwater.com.au/shop/super-purifier-tank-water-pre-filter/ The relevant Super Purifier Tank Water Filter System for this replacement cartridge is :  https://saferwater.com.au/shop/tank-water-filter-super-purifier/

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  • Tank Water Filter : SUPER PURIFIER for the best house water!

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    The Super Purifier tank water filter does THE very best job removing contamination of household drinking water by rodents, birds, bats, chemicals & sediment. It filters down to bacteria & virus level, -without pressure loss- and requires no electricity or UV lamps. This tank water filter is a whole house system, and is installed between the water tank pump and your house. The Super Purifier Tank Water Filter removes 99.99%  of bugs  from your house tank water. It eliminates dirt, sediment, chemicals, heavy metals, odours, and bad taste from household water. Benefits: High performance tank water filter Easy to install  between water tank pump & house No requirement for ultra violet light systems, and no electricity required Supplied fully assembled Super Purifier Tank Water Filter provides healthy, great tasting water to all house taps   Features This unique tank water filter operates as a combination sediment, silver/carbon & bacterial  filter Purifier Cartridge is NSF certified, and rated 0.2 micron Filter cartridge is charge positive and rapidly absorbs particles no matter how small Filters tap water down to 0.2 micron, removing bacteria and virus Pre Filter is a 1 micron depth filter System rated up to 90 litres water/min. Filter Replacement: approx. 12 months for average family use on clean rain water Supplied as a complete kit: 2 x 20” x 4.5” WATERMARK CERTIFIED filter housings, 3 cartridges: 2* x 1 micron sediment Pre Filters, plus 1 x 0.2 micron Purifier (*includes spare Pre Filter), housing wrench, mounting bracket, 2 x 1” inlet/outlet gate valves, joiners & thread tape   Installation Turnoff water supply from pump. Select best position to mount Super Purifier Tank Water Filter (after pump & before or at house) –  under cover & out of the weather. Note direction of “water IN/OUT “ports on housing before mounting Super Purifier Cut waterline & connect to IN port of Super Purifier via 1” water valve Connect other end of water line to water valve at OUT port Remove packaging wrap from filter cartridge inside housings, and carefully tighten housings back into position. Open house/garden tap (to flush line), turn on pump water supply, and gently open IN water valve. Carefully depress Red Pressure buttons on top of housings to bleed air until water replaces air. Run house tap for a 5 minutes to flush cartridges, and check for any water leaks. Enjoy good water! (nb A pressure limiting valve must be installed to counter water pressure spikes for town water sources. Also install PLV  if system is subject to water pressures greater than 80 psi.) Heavy leaf tannin contamination is removed by the powerful Purifier filter, but this shortens cartridge life. ( Not recommended: remove leaf source!)

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