• Inline Carbon Filter for Kitchen & Caravan Filters

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    Inline Carbon Filter is the replacement cartridge for both our Lowest Cost Kitchen Water Filter, & Caravan Tap Water Filter. Drink clean, great tasting water, free from water treatment chemicals. Filter sediment from water down to 1 micron, & remove water odours and poor taste. The  Inline Carbon Filter removes Chlorine, Chloramines & Trihalomethanes water treatment chemicals from municipal water supplies. Being a quality Carbon filter it also removes Odours and Bad Taste from kitchen drinking & cooking water. Additionally this Inline Carbon Filter cleans tap water for caravan owners, removing rust, sand, algae, dirt & sediment down to 1 micron sizing. This Inline Carbon Filter is ideally suited to families on town water who do not want the chlorine smell and taste ( plus possible health side effects), in their household water. For the caravan fraternity this cartridge ensures filtered water from any roadside tap when they top up their water tank. Benefits Low cost, high performance inline carbon filter Quality coconut carbon 1 micron cartridge Complete, no filter housing required 10" x 2" sizing Minimal pressure drop, unlike Reverse Osmosis systems Easy cartridge change out in both under kitchen bench and portable situations Removes chlorine/chlorine byproducts, poor taste & water smells, as well as fine dirt particles Provides great tasting water Features Inline carbon filter removes water treatment chemicals Filters tap water down to 1.0 micron Combines the actions of both sediment and carbon filter Filter Replacement : cartridge life always depends on both water quality and quantity of water used. The Carbon cartridge will last up to 12 months for average family use on a Kitchen town water filter. For Caravan use on water sources of variable quality, replacement may be sooner, but the inline carbon filter is not expensive to update. Its useful working life can be extended by storing the cartridge in a fridge when not on the road.     Replacement Filter Cartridges are available here at  

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  • Replacement Inline Cartridges for Caravans

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    Replacement Inline Cartridges for the Caravan Drinking Water Filter : 1 x 1 micron Carbon cartridge, 1 x 0.1 micron Ultra Filtration cartridge. Replacement Inline Cartridges: A. 1 micron Carbon cartridge, produces sweet tasting water, free from chlorine taints. It does this by removing water treatment chemicals (including chlorine & it's by products). The Carbon cartridge also acts as a Pre Filter for the UF cartridge, removing dirt, rust, sediment, algae & sand down to 1 micron. By sharing the sediment load, the carbon extends the 0.1 micron UF cartridge life.   B. 0.1 micron Ultra Fine Hollow Fibre technology ensures the Caravan Drinking Water Filter delivers safe filtered water, free from microbes, regardless of  the water supply source. Because it operates down to 0.1 micron, this replacement cartridge blocks all Giardia & Crypto, & removing Bacteria such as E. coli & Salmonella. Turn any caravan tap into a germ free tap with these replacement inline cartridges! Replacement inline Cartridges- features: Premium coconut Carbon Pre filter, 1 micron, 10" x 2" sizing Quality Hollow Fibre Ultra Fine Filtration to 0.1 microns, 11" x 2.5" sizing Removes water pathogens, Giardia & Crytosporidium, plus Bacteria Removes water treatment chemicals ( Chlorine, Chloramines, Trihalomethanes). Both are Inline filters : no extra housing required "Outside/In" Hollow Fibre filtration to maximize UF filter life Water flow rates of around 5 litres/min Twin cartridges: 1 x 1 micron Carbon inline pre filter cartridge, 1 x 0.1 micron UF inline cartridge. Replacement Inline Cartridges- Benefits: Lowest Cost caravan water purifier cartridges Great tasting drinking water No water treatment chemical smells or taste Excellent water filtration removing even the finest particles down to 0.1 micron Eliminates the need for costly Ultra Violet light systems No water waste like Reverse Osmosis Simple filter cartridge change out with Water Stop Valve supplied in original kit Provides germ free, sweet tasting water for peace of mind anywhere you travel Replacement Inline Cartridges: 6-12 months. Cartridge change out tip: Carbon filters tend to shed some carbon fines on start up. We recommend discharging these to a waste bucket, rather than load up the 0.1 micron Ultra Filtration filter. Simply disconnect the short water line from the quick connect fitting at the IN port of the UF filter. Place the open end of this line into a bucket to permit seperate flushing of the new Carbon Inline filter. Turn on the water & stop valve to flush the Carbon cartridge with about 10 litres of water or until clear. Reconnect the short water line to the UF cartridge, and then flush both Low Cost Cartridges, checking for any water leaks Like all filters, effective life of replacement inline cartridges is dependent on water quality (& quantity), used. It is a good idea to remove cartridges and store them in the fridge between road trips. Because of variable water quality encountered by road travellers, a sediment/carbon pre filter is always recommended to maximise UF cartridge life. The Pre Filter shares the sediment load preventing the Ultra Filtration cartridge blocking prematurely. See Caravan Drinking Water Filter:  

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