New Product for Tank Water….

“TANKSTER” floating intake filter for Tank Water


“cleans up tank water


When it rains, your roof catchment is washed clean of dust and dirt which enters your water tank with the rainwater, and settles on the tank bottom by gravity.  This roof debris may contain faecal contamination from birds, bats, rodents and small animals, together with dead insects, and leaf matter etc.

Organic material on the tank bottom acts as a food source for oxygen requiring micro-organisms, creating an anaerobic zone.  The water tank outlet pipe taking water via the pump to your house is located in this microbial an sediment rich, low oxygen zone.


**We normally drink the poorest quality water from the bottom of the tank!!**


The TANKSTER floating intake filter feeds the cleanest and freshest, most highly oxygenated water from the TOP of your water tank into your house, filtering it simultaneously!

Acting as a floating water intake for your tank’s pump, the TANKSTER operates just below the water surface- where the best quality water is located- and then filters it through a 5 micron intake filter, each time your pump comes on to draw water to the house.

  • The best tasting, cleanest & freshest water is supplied to your house
  •  Clearer, sweeter drinking water, with less microbes
  • Floating intake filters the best quality water from the top of the water column whatever the tank depth
  • Negligible loss of water pressure
  • Automatic operation
  • Less wear on your pump because water is drawn from above the tank bottom sediment – and  filtered at the same time!
  • Reduced blocking of washing machine & dishwasher filters, and irrigation nozzles
  • Longer life of household drinking water filters
  • Option to remove bacteria & virus from drinking water with the addition of a kitchen ‘Super Purifier’ water filter

* Economical solution to immediately improve tank water quality for rural households

* TANKSTER can be fitted to any tank outlet, and comes with an easily adapted 1 ½” (40mm) hose end fitting

* 2.5m of taint free, potable water hose, with non toxic fittings and stainless steel connectors

* Easily replaceable, (one screw!), 5 micron intake water filter

* Affordable replacement filter

* 10 year guarantee (except 5 micron intake water filter)

* Designed & manufactured in Australia; patent pending



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